Inspection Station

Car Inspections

Car inspection is mandatory because it is required by the Highway Code on all motor vehicles:

The first inspection must take place after 4 years from the date of purchase of your car, from the second inspection onwards, it must be carried out every two years.
Car inspections are aimed at:
- Check the safety conditions (brakes, wheels, temperature, etc.),
- Check the level of polluting emissions and noise, in compliance with the standards dictated by international and national regulations.
Also in this case we will take care of your safety by returning the car to you perfect conditions so that you can be sure of embarking on any type of trip.

Camper Inspections

Revision of the Camper, the Highway Code considers Camper - Motorhomes to all intents and purposes as motor vehicles, therefore they must comply with the same regulations as cars.
The first revision must be performed 4 years after the first registration, the subsequent revisions every 2 years , respecting as deadline the same month in which the vehicle was registered, or in the same month that it had been overhauled the last time.