Market and customer oriented organizations are committed to providing excellent quality and competitive products or services to meet the needs and desires of a well defined market segment; for this reason, in the most modern organizations, Quality now plays a key role.

The concept of Quality is well known in the Automotive industry whose productivity and competitiveness is so strongly linked to it to the point that the car manufacturers themselves have structured an ad hoc technical specification (ISO / TS) designed to guarantee real Continuous Improvement of product and process.
It was Masaaki Imai himself, in the 1980s, who introduced the concept of Continuous Improvement in the Japanese Toyota automotive industry; in fact, Kaizen or Toyotism refers to a practice aimed at the constant improvement of manufacturing, engineering and business management processes.

The Quality Management System obviously concerns the entire production chain; in fact, the suppliers of the car manufacturers are obliged to comply with the strict technical specifications outlined by ISO / TS 16949 in order to:
- prevent defects in all products placed in the production cycle
- reduce the risk of loss of productivity and competitiveness.

Zener B2B
was born with the intention of ensuring the Quality of the Original Equipment Components of Vehicle Manufacturers through the set of men, ideas, technologies, know-how made available to supplier companies in the automotive supply chain.

These are the main technical figures involved and the services provided:
- Quality Resident of Plant
- Resident Engineer
- Resident Application
- Flying Doctor
- Technical Help Desk
- Logistic Service
- Controlled Shipping Levels
- Worldwide rework and reflash suppliers components
- technical analysis
- Experimental Research Laboratories applies

Zener B2B, Automotive Service Provider:
 Customer Satisfaction
 Team building
 Dynamic & Flexible Service
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